About Us

Chris Sankey

Chief Executive Officer

Chris Sankey is from the Coast Tsimshian community of Lax Kw’ Alaams near Prince Rupert, British Columbia. His background is in Business, HR strategy and Training-to-Employment contract work; where his networking abilities have fostered solid partnerships and relationships between community stake holders, government, businesses, non-government agencies and aboriginal groups that have maximize the employment and business opportunities available to Aboriginal people on the North Coast. Amongst his experience, Chris utilizes a variety of problem-solving methodologies and researching capabilities. This makes him a prime candidate as a leader and innovator.

Previously, Sankey was the Manager of the Prince Rupert Aboriginal Skills Employment Partnership, a $2 million dollar funding agreement and $2 million In-kind Contribution from industry over a three year effort to train aboriginal clientele to meet the growing employment needs of Prince Rupert’s port-related developments. The program was a success. Chris's relentless objective to build on Aboriginal capacity has shown in positive employment numbers. Through his hard work and dedication, Chris has helped many individuals, families, organizations and communities meet the needs of supply and demand from companies. Chris’s knowledge has paid dividends by increasing company production with qualified personnel to meet job demand. This has helped him build positive relationships with small, mid-size and large corporations throughout Canada in the Marine, Construction, Forestry, Mining, Oil and Gas industries. Chris is also an elected Councilor for the Lax Kw’ Alaams Band Council where he Chairs the Human Resource Committee and sits on the Education and Health committees respectfully.

The meaning behind Blackfish Enterprise Ltd.

The Blackfish Logo was designed by Lax Kw’ Alaams based artist Russell Mather. Below is the explanation of the logo and the reason I named the company.

“In the Ts’msyen nation we have four main crests, in protocol they are Eagle, Raven, Wolf and Blackfish also referred to as killer whale or in my Sm’algyax (means real or true) language Gispwudwada. I chose Blackfish Enterprise, because the blackfish or Killer whale which is NeexŁ is my crest. To me it signifies STRENGTH, COURAGE, HONOR and WISDOM. A hunter of the sea who has the strength to carry the people when he has too, the killerwhale makes sure he seeks out everyone to inform them of important information and carries the strength of the community..."

For more information on Logo Design and beautiful Tsimshian artwork, please contact:

Russell Mather, Mather Arts Ltd.

Email: russellmather3@gmail.com
Phone: (250) 600 - 3221