Blackfish Expertise

Business Development

Your network is your networth. When thinking about business you should consider all aspects that are required to meet the economics. The focus should be how to find, reach and approach customers and how to make and keep them satisfied.

We have the expertise and understanding to meet the needs of Business Development competencies:

Labour Market Research & Information

Aboriginal people are the fastest growing population in Canada and finding skilled labour and talent are best approached when you look locally. Using reports explains how we can help you with your research and identifying your audience.

We have the expertise to meet the needs of LMI and Research competencies:

Training to Employment & Facilitation

A training strategy is critical to Aboriginal capacity building and is the key to full-filling local jobs. We can design, development and show the delivery of programs to help individuals gain valuable work experience in the labour market.

We have the experience in training to employment / facilitation competencies:

Aboriginal Community Engagement & Liaison

Companies must know there audience before they engage the communities. Knowing proper protocol and procedure is critical to getting your foot in the door with Aboriginal leaders and Community Representatives.

We have the expertise and knowledge on the core competencies to assist you in your approach and community engagement.

Industry Training & Apprenticeship

Know and understand your apprenticeship programs. It’s important to research and understand apprenticeship programs and provide the most recent and up-to-date information to benefit your clientele.

We have a solid data base of network professionals that can assist you and provide the resources to set the program standards, both in training and apprenticeship competencies.


We have a global network of experienced professionals that can assist with raising capital for large investment projects.